Viplov Singh

The seeds of the future are sowed in the present. A philosophy I unconsciously abided by since my awareness of this life.

I've been drawing my whole life, on available empty papers, behind boring books, and even school walls, for which I paid dearly. Art and drawing have been my fundamental connection with the experience of being alive. It stores my nostalgia, memories, and reflections of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. All the private questions I'd ask the universe would find their answer in some shapes and forms I'd scribble.

Growing up in India, a place where numerous faiths find their roots and many foreign cultures make their pilgrimage, art would be a spiritual journey. The stories, lore, and philosophies would be seeking to answer the fundamental answers of the human soul. Moving to the West, I found that cross-culture, humans from all over the world would still be seeking answers of that kind. My art practice is an attempt to answer these fundamental questions and an inspection of my own soul.

I've formally studied drawing, design, and animation for over seven years across continents and cities. With a professional art practice of over 10+ years, I've created in many roles for hundreds of clients, ranging from private commissions to full-blown animation studios, with everything in between. My animation has been published by Netflix, Prime, and Disney, books by Chronicle and Penguin, and illustrations by Google, Redbull, and Times.

My personal art is inspired by Theology, History, and Philosophy. Stories of such themes have guided humanity through tiring times, given principles and guidance to live our lives more meaningfully. As Time is Love, I spend most of my time perfecting my craft in persuasion to manifest beauty, grace, and meaning in our world.