Viplov Singh

In this ever-changing world, our subconscious desires art more than ever. The source of real art is pure and spiritual, keeping that essence alive I create with the utmost precision and love for the craft.

I'm an illustration and animation artist who has created for over ten years professionally. Reach out if you're seeking to collaborate and create art!

‘Art honors the two most virtuous actions of humanity. To create and not destroy at the same time.’

My animation has been published by Netflix, Prime, and Disney, books by Chronicle and Penguin books, and illustrations by Google, Redbull, and Times.

I've created for hundreds of clients, ranging from private commissions to full-blown animation studios and everything in between. If you're a patron of the arts, from cultural or historic entities, or just seeking interpretation of your ideas into beautiful pieces of art, reach out to me. 

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

Leonardo Da Vinci